Next Workshop Series:


Part I: Sat. January 30th, 2010 — 9am-12:30pm
Part II: Sat. February 6th, 2010 — 9am-12:30pm

$185.00 per couple — includes both mornings + take-home materials

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Based on research gathered from over 3000 couples by the Gottman Relationship Research Institute, this workshop provides information that reflects what works for successful, loving couples. Participants will learn the steps 
& skills to building a sound relationship — through presentation, paired exercises, and discussion.
Helpful to any couple regardless of marital status 
or family configuration.

Participants Will Learn How to Build a Sound Relationship House By…

• Getting to Know Each Other Again
• Creating more Positive Interactions
• Fostering a Culture of Admiration & Affection
• Practicing Stress-Relieving Conversations
• Managing Strong Emotions
• Moving from Gridlock to
Acceptance & Agreement
• Meeting Mutual Goals & Finding Fulfillment

Workshop is particularly helpful for:

• Newer couples just starting out together.

• Partners feeling like they are growing apart.

• Couples raising children or teenagers.

• Partners struggling with conflict or communication problems.


Donna Corbo, Life Connections is a certified Gottman 
Educatorwho has facilitated couples workshops for 5+ yrs.

Krista Post, MA, Licensed Psychologist has provided psychotherapy to individuals, couples, & families for 15+ yrs.

Comments from our Nov  & Dec ’09 Workshops:

“We left the workshop and immediately started implementing our new skills!” — Brandon J.

“There was so much useful information and techniques presented.
Thank you!”
— Emily H.

“My wife had to talk me into coming, but I’m recommending this to my married buddies.” —Patrick S.

Fun and inspiring!” — Cyndi T.

For more information:
(612) 296-3800 theskillfulcouple@gmail.com-Email Us!

To register online for Jan 30 & Feb 6 Workshop – Click Here!

Please Note: If your relationship is currently troubled by severe problems, such as physical abuse, addiction, or serious mental illness, please contact us before registering for this workshop.

The Gottman Relationship Research Institute

The Gottman Relationship Research Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to marriage, family and child developmental research. Since 1972, the Gottman team has gathered information on over 3000 partners and has followed most of them for 12 years or longer. The concepts presented in this workshop are not based upon theory, but on what these family research reveals about what works and what doesn’t. It is a comprehensive program combining discussion, role playing, communication cards and exercises, journaling, videos, and other techniques.

John M. Gottman, PhD is the Executive Director of the Institute. He is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle and is one of the leading research scientists in the world on marriage, relationships and family. Dr. Gottman is the author of over 130 journal articles and has authored, coauthored or edited over 30 books, including: Why Marriages Succeed or Fail, The Heart of Parenting: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, What Predicts Divorce?, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, 10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage.

Julie Schwartz Gottman, PhD is the Clinical Director for both The Gottman Institute and the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle, Washington, and is Director of The Gottman Institute’s Relationship Clinic. In private practice, she specializes in work with individuals and couples who suffer from marital distress, childhood abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, & cancer. In 2002, she was awarded the Distinguished Psychologist of the Year by the Washington State Psychological Association. She is co-author and editor for the upcoming book, The Marriage Clinic Case Book.

For more information:
(612) 296-3800 theskillfulcouple@gmail.com-Email Us!

To register online for Jan 30 & Feb 6 Workshop – Click Here!

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